Cono per ceppi fino a 50 cm di diametro

pca-1290 1Ideal to use with a Portable Winch, a QUAD (ATV) or a small tractor.

The skidding cone will prevent logs from being stopped by roots, stumps or residual trees. It also protects your valuable trees along the skid path from being damaged. Made of high-performance polymer plastic, the skidding cone is strong, yet flexible. Its 51 cm (20") opening allows you to haul large logs or bunches of smaller logs or brush. Use it year round, down to temperatures of -30°C (-22°F). Some people even use it to pull a big game simply by inserting its head in it!


Peso5,3 g
Diametro51 mm
Altezza7,6 cm



Sblocco automatico

pca-1291 0The automatic release for open face corner block (PCA-1270) fits ropes up to 12 mm (1/2'') diameter. This is the perfect device for people pulling logs with a QUAD (ATV).

 An ingenious device for releasing the rope from the pulley to allow a log to ‘turn’ into the trail. Depending on the distance the anchor tree is from the trail, you may adjust the automatic release to make the rope slip out of the pulley at the appropriate moment. Simply turn the chain link one-half turn around the rope and insert it into the metal cartridge. Ideal to use with a QUAD (ATV) when you don’t want to stop in the middle of the operation.


Peso300 g

apertura piccola: 18,8 mm

apertura grande: 46,5 mm

Lunghezza78 mm
Materialeacciaio anodizzato


Piastra per verricello

pca-1310 0On a QUAD (ATV) or other vehicle, there are no good anchor points. The pulling plate is the ideal hitch anchor for rope or chain. It fits towing balls up to 50 mm (2'') diameter.

 Makes it easy to attach a polyester rope or a chain-choker to a QUAD (ATV) or other vehicle. Fits over 47 mm to 50 mm (1-7/8" to 2") ball hitch. Slide the pulling plate over your ball hitch, and fasten your load to it quickly and securely. Attach your rope to the 2" (50 mm) post or insert a link of chain into the slotted plate to pull your load. Pulling from the axle level provides the safest pulling point on your QUAD (ATV). Use the capstan knot to do it.

Also useful to pull from a 4x4!


Peso1,5 kg
Diametro52,2 mm
Lunghezza24 cm
Materialeacciaio anodizzato


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